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New Research: 2015 Global Threat Intelligence Report

Using data gathered from analysing 6 billion attacks in 2014, the report highlights that although Advanced Persistent Threats (APTS) remain a problem, attacks don’t have to be advanced in order to succeed. Data gathered by NTT Group in 2014 demonstrates that many organisations are still not effectively defending against less advanced threats.
This year's report focuses on techniques used in less advanced attacks, and the ways in which organisations can effectively defend against and respond to those attacks. 
cyber crime

Cybercrime: Do you have it covered?

How can organisations better prepare themselves for taking out cybercrime insurance?

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The growing skills gap in IT Security

There's a growing skills gap in IT security skills. So what are your options? Is it really an option to do nothing at all?

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What we do

At NTT Com Security we work exclusively within the information security and risk management landscape, providing information security consulting, managed security services and technical services.

Our solution is WideAngle, a global platform that combines our consulting, managed services and technical services into one portfolio.

We use our WideAngle Global Enterprise Methodology to enable your organisation to understand its current exposure and make informed decisions for continuous risk management. We’ll help you to identify risks, optimise the use of available resources, align risk management with commercial goals and achieve compliance

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