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New Research Risk:Value 2016

Organisations will understand that a security breach is highly likely. They may also fully appreciate the impact to their business. This year's report highlights that many organisations are sleepwalking into this exact situation and still not taking the appropriate measures to protect themselves.

Global Threat Intelligence Report 2017

Security is a business problem. 

The GTIR 2017 is based on our analysis of trillions of logs over the past year. Read the report to learn just how pervasive certain types of attacks are, and find out how they can impact your organisation.

cyber security advice

Need to speak to a security expert?

Do you need help with a security challenge? Contact us to speak to one of the NTT Security experts.

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cyber security skills shortage

The growing skills gap in IT Security

There's a growing skills gap in IT security skills. So what are your options? Is it really an option to do nothing at all?

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Advanced Analytics

For real visibility you need advanced analytics. And you need people with the right expertise to fully understand each and every security scenario. Watch the video >
Shadow IT

Shining a light into Shadow IT

Take back the control of risk and compliance without impairing enterprise entrepreneurial spirit.

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cyber security advice

Are you ready for the Internet of Things?

By 2020 there will be 32 billion connected devices. Is your business ready to securely embrace the opportunities of the Internet of Things? Read the paper >
unlock the power of software-defined security

Cybercrime - do you have it covered?

Cyber insurance is a mine-field of ambiguity. Understanding your risk exposure is key to convincing insurers that you are taking cyber security seriously.
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Looking to invest in Security Operations?

Is your Security Operations model meeting the needs of your business? What should you consider before making an investment?

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What's the cost of ignoring malware?

How attention to the basics can protect your organisation from damaging attacks.

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