CRN - Integralis sidesteps security margin crunch

27, October 2011 | News Alert

Security integrator claims its move away from point products has made it immune from margin squeeze. By Doug Woodburn, CRN

Integralis claims its decision to reposition itself as a solutions and services-led outfit has prevented the security margin crunch reaching its door. The security integrator has unveiled a series of investments designed to bolster its solutions presence. This includes an expansion of its operations, marketing and partner management capabilities.

The Prime Standard-listed firm has also expanded into Asia, launching a small team that will sell through Japanese telco NTT, which owns a 78 per cent stake in the firm. Talking to ChannelWeb, chief operating officer Simon Church (pictured) said Integralis had responded successfully to an "inflexion point" in the industry that has seen mid- to large-sized organisations desert capex-based point products.

"We are seeing that trend [of margin erosion] but we are bucking that trend," he said. "Clients are looking to Integralis as a provider of value services. If a reseller is just competing on price, they will get killed by those with scale. I would not say we are seeing anywhere near the margin pressure of some of these firms as we have leapt with the changes in the market." Church said end users are now demanding solutions in areas such as mobility, consumerisation, social networking and cloud as they struggle to get a handle on new threats.

Integralis has recruited former VeriSign and CA executive Gavin Bradbury to fill the newly created role of vice president of marketing.
In a separate announcement, Ian Rigby has been promoted to UK sales director after Neal Lillywhite was promoted to the managing director role.