Dutch Teleco KPN sends a million Valentines Day apologies to its customers

17, February 2012 | News Alert

In the Financial Timeson Valentine's Day Dutch Telecoms company KPN offered two million apologies in an advertising campaign to pacify subscribers unable to access emails over the weekend as it overhauled its systems after a cyberattack.

Garry Sidaway, Global Security Strategy, Integralis, said, “This is another indicator that whilst the headlines say ‘Cyberattack’ hinting at organised criminal, and sometimes government, activity – the reality is that organisations are still struggling to cope with their “day” job of keeping systems secure, up-to-date and ensuring that key resources aren’t stretched to the limit. Take a look at last year’s attacks - the pattern isn’t necessarily complex and sophisticated. The exploitation of vulnerabilities are often months old or well documented. 

Sidaway said: "Organisations have a huge task to keep their systems secure and make every effort to balance the risks. This is where expertise and resources have to be focused – expertise that can identify the risks and allocate the correct resources to secure the critical systems.”