NTT Security Services

It’s increasingly difficult to find the right skills within every organisation to face every aspect of information security and risk management required to support the business. Our customers depend on us to provide clear services that demonstrate value, to have the right experience and above all, the right people that will quickly understand the distinct business challenges. They also want objective advice to make technology choices. Our relationships with all the major and emerging solution providers mean that if technology is required, we will make informed recommendations to ensure the solution works for the business.

Our services portfolio covers every aspect of information security and risk management, from initial assessment through to strategic programme planning, hands-on deployment and round the clock management and support.
Using our proven Global Enterprise Methodology, we to enable your organisation to understand its current exposure and make informed decisions for continuous risk management. We’ll help you to identify risks, optimise the use of available resources, align risk management with commercial goals and achieve compliance. 
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Consulting Services
Our consultants are focused on helping you to manage information security compliance and risk. We apply our proven methodology to define and prioritise investment and activity to protect your information assets.
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Managed Security Services
We provide an integrated managed security service that gives our customers advanced security and risk management for their preferred business model – both cloud and enterprise on-premise environments.
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Technology Solutions
Effective technology deployment requires the right resources to be available in the right place at the right time. Our technology solutions team provides the agility and skills to meet security challenges with the right range of rapid implementation and managed services.
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