Consulting Services

We can all see the opportunities the digital business landscape creates to drive innovation and growth, reduce barriers to trade, reach new customers and allow people to share knowledge and collaborate across international boundaries. With this opportunity comes risk – risk that the data and systems which we rely upon will be compromised or damaged in ways that are increasingly difficult to detect or defend against. Risk is not so easy to see.

Our customers use NTT Security consulting services to navigate new, profitable ways of working. Our approach is to align information security and business goals – to see risk and consciously protect the information assets and systems that make each business distinct and successful. We make a difference to our customers, by combining our collective knowledge of the global business and threat landscapes to find and deliver the best solutions.


Because information security and risk management is all we do, a growing number of the world’s most skilled, knowledgeable practitioners want to work at NTT Security. These people bring with them real life experience at all business levels – from CISOs of world-leading companies to specific compliance and technology specialists certified, up-to-date and waiting to share their knowledge with you.

NTT Security Consulting Services at a glance

  • Our consultants work closely with you to understand your business, the information security and risk management support you need, and to identify your current risk exposure
  • We define the relevant controls and prioritise what needs to be done to meet best practice – for your company, industry and beyond
  • All of our recommendations are in tune with your commercial goals
  • We don’t just talk about security, but deliver practical solutions measured against the agreed controls – and we are with you every step of the way to manage any consequent change within the organisation
  • Everything we do, short sharp fix or strategic engagement, aims to establish continuous risk management

Benefits of our consulting approach:

  • Visibility – identify risk to your information assets to prioritise resources and inform investment decisions
  • Efficiency – optimise the use of your available resources
  • Agility – align risk management with your commercial goals so you can work without constraints
  • Skills – transfer our skills and knowledge to your team through our structured approach
  • Compliance – meet your standards and regulatory requirements