Managed Security Services

The global challenge of information security and risk management is constantly changing, and the need to drive information rather than just data points is increasingly important to understand changes in the threat landscape and protect against vulnerabilities.

Managed Security Services (MSS) is a step change in the concept of managed security services. Providing insight to understand what is happening at both the network and application layer, NTT Security MSS delivers meaningful information for active threat management.


Building on our experience and service-led approach, our MSS technology platform is designed to meet customers’ needs both now and in the future. NTT Security MSS provides a single solution for cloud, on-premise or hybrid models, delivering a service that is relevant, robust and future-proof, giving a choice of flexible ways to work.


Our customers can choose a complete Managed Security Service model or SecureCall, our round-the-clock telephone and email support service, with four levels of support to suit your specific support requirements.


Working with NTT Security as your MSS partner increases visibility to the real and potential threats – within the millions of logs and events generated by our systems – so that your organisation can take immediate action and get more from your existing information security investments. With increased pressure on resources, working with an MSS partner is an effective way to reduce the cost of administration and the complexity of maintaining multiple support systems.


By choosing NTT Security MSS, you gain access to our collective global knowledge and systems as well as our highly experienced people. A combination of these two elements applies a layer of intelligence and context across correlated events to increase visibility, understanding and the ability to make informed business decisions regarding your risk profile.

NTT Security MSS at a glance

  • We work with customers to create a flexible, tailored service offering device management, automated security analysis and the added value of analyst-enriched insight
  • Our global portal, powered by an innovative analysis engine gives a consistent, dashboard view of service information, reporting, downloads and ticketing
  • Our relationships with the world’s leading technology vendors mean we can take the strain out of maintenance and speed issue resolution
  • Wherever your information assets are – on-premise or in the cloud – our MSS offering can give you comprehensive, seamless service.

Benefits of NTT Security MSS

  • Reduce complexity – choosing NTT Security MSS experts to run security services on your behalf will save time and money and reduce your administrative burden
  • Clearly defined processes – as your MSS partner, we have a clearly defined, consistent contact process so that you know exactly what to expect from our efficient support and service
  • Contextual analysis – the added value of MSS is not just efficient automated processes but also the expertise of the people that run this service. Highly-qualified analysts will tell you what data is key to your business. We offer enriched intelligence rather than just data points
  • Modular & scalable – your business never stands still and our MSS service has been designed to support whatever your business needs, both now and in the future
  • Global consistency – information security and risk management is a global issue and our MSS is a consistent global service. Wherever you are in the world, you will experience the same process, portals and reports with all the benefit of our local insight

Supporting Materials

For more information about NTT Security MSS, please download the overview pdf.