As the threat landscape grows and evolves, increasing demands are placed on the technology used to protect organisations. Often this means managing a number of vendor technologies, each with different contacts, processes and escalation paths. The challenge of incident diagnosis and resolution is compounded when multiple technologies are involved.

About SecureCall
Our SecureCall service is provided by a dedicated and highly-skilled team of security experts that work as an extension of your technical support organisation, providing a single point of contact across multiple security technologies, enabling swift incident resolution.

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) answers your technical questions, providing practical advice (including update/upgrade best practice for patch or hotfix application, and software upgrades) and resolving critical security technology incidents.

SecureCall removes the challenges and complexity of having to deal with multiple vendor support contacts.

What we offer

  • A single point of contact across your supported security technology estate
  • A consistent method of Service Request management, across multiple vendors and technologies
  • Highly-skilled and certified technical expertise – provided in English, French and German languages – acting as an extension of your technical support team
  • Online Service Request tracking using our customer portal

Benefits of SecureCall and our approach

  • Reduced support overheads: We qualify all vendor correspondence and only pass on validated technical information
  • Keep ahead of the threats: Our Support Update Service technical bulletins aim to provide timely information on patches, software upgrades and important technical advisories
  • High resolution rate: Our team of technical experts resolves over 80% of your Service Requests without the need to engage with the vendor
  • Reduced complexity: We own the technical issue, arbitrating between multiple vendors to address the challenge of incident diagnosis and resolution when multiple technologies are involved


SecureHands provides your organisation with access to the same highly-skilled team of security experts for activities beyond the SecureCall service.

SecureHands enhances and supplements your organisation’s technical skills and expertise when required. The SecureHands collaborative option takes care of the typical tasks needed to maintain operational readiness of your security technologies across their lifecycle, including:

  • In depth technology consultancy advice
  • Implementation and configuration changes
  • Deployment of minor software updates or upgrades
  • Remote training
  • Remote engineer on request
  • Technical Baseline Assessments

Discover more

For more information about SecureCall and the support options available, please download the SecureCall service overview.