Technology Solutions

Technology is not the only answer to the business challenges of information security and risk management, but it is a vital part of the landscape and often forms a significant element of an organisation’s investment. Keeping up-to-date with every solution on the market and identifying the best way to make it work and deliver value for your organisation is tough, which is why organisations trust NTT Security Technology Solutions.

Our Technology Solutions team is a highly experienced group devoted to maximising the return on every technology investment. Working alongside Consulting Services, our Technology Solutions team uses in-depth knowledge to give independent advice and apply a rigorous, structured approach to technology selection. They ensure that new solutions are configured in line with business goals, compliance requirements and industry best practice, but also help optimise existing systems and rationalise an organisation’s technology estate to reduce complexity and cost.


Our global, consistent approach reduces the risks in any implementation – our aim is to manage and embed change with minimum impact to let you work without constraints.

We work alongside our customers to plan and deliver solutions and transfer skills, so that they can confidently manage the new technology themselves or we can do it for you, using our Managed Security Services.


We’re also one of the most qualified and highly accredited global partners for many of the leading security technology vendors – investing in our employees’ comprehensive knowledge of how these products and associated services fit within the complex information security and risk management landscape.

Technology Solutions at a glance

  • Infrastructure review – by understanding the impact of any new technology on the existing infrastructure, organisations can avoid integration delays and identify opportunities to optimise performance and squeeze the most value from any investment
  • Configuration auditing – organisations are beset by infrastructure workarounds that are rarely secure or sustainable. This may be a fact of business life, but our consultants can ensure you manage the risk of any quick fixes with visibility to the potential vulnerabilities
  • Technology evaluation and selection – our independent, practical approach ensures that evaluating and selecting any technology solution is aligned to the specific needs of each business and the people within it
  • Technical design – once you have chosen the right solution, our consultants will work with your technical architects to define:
    • A comprehensive solution design
    • The impact on your organisation's infrastructure
    • A detailed, comprehensive network diagram
    • Configuration guidelines
  • Technical deployment – when the detailed technical design is complete – the proof of any solution is in the delivery of an effective, working system that meets the needs of the business. Our consultants work seamlessly with your security team to deliver the chosen solution on time and on budget
  • Education and training – we can also help to equip your team with the knowledge to confidently administer and support your new investment, with a range of awareness and training options that provide both:
    • Vendor certification requirements and industry recognised accreditation
    • Bespoke content designed to focus on the specific functionality of your installation


All our training sessions are delivered by knowledgeable instructors, with a blend of practical real-world deployment experience and an understanding of your business. These sessions can be delivered either on or offsite at a point which fits the project timeline.